Coby Gewertz

Coby Gewertz was born and raised on the mean streets of Cupertino, Ca., but fled south to attend college in 1990. After graduating with a BFA in graphic design, he headed to Hollywood for a life of fame and fortune, designing movie posters and ad campaigns for the biggest studios tinsel town had to offer. He proved to be an award winning art/creative director at each stop on his employment tour. An admitted workaholic, after hours Coby continues solving design problems into the wee hours of the morning while most mere mortals are fast asleep.

A custom car and hot rod fanatic, Coby can often be found buried deep in the white trash sub-culture. In his "spare time", he created CHURCH, a brand merging his two greatest passions, the customized classic automobile, and his relentless appetite for high quality design. A brand birthed to feed the souls of the faithful who share the same devotion to our blessed lady of internal combustion. A place where hot rods, flowing lines of custom cars, motorcycles, chrome, lacquer paint and horsepower live in harmony.

Coby can be found traveling the globe with his pocket sized camera and big imagination, capturing abstract images of the rod and custom underworld, or cruising the boulevard in his custom 1963 Ford econoline lowrider ... Van Go. According to legend, Coby is working on his personal time machine, wishing to head back drag racing's heyday of the 60's and 70's. If anyone has a spare flux capacitor, please contact him directly at

Praise the lowered.